August 31 2014, 7pm



im gonna try to beat sephiroth again


August 31 2014, 12pm

So I was scrolling through my Facebook and..




Can not be unseen.

August 30 2014, 3pm



My bank account balance hit zero for the first time in two years and I’m kinda in a bind. (Also freaking out a bit!)

I need to make rent + living expenses by september first. I was laid off back in May, and I’ve had enough savings to get me through this far, but I’m all out now.

I’m always taking drawing commissions [queue familiar graphic here]


Additionally, I’m opening up ~writing commisions~ for the very first time! I’ve got some free (iwatobi) oneshots over on my ao3 for you to check out.

I’m also flexible to chat about combo-ing a written piece and an illustration!

I also have a joint store with blushies called Witch and Warrior. These are the prints and stuff that we bring to cons. 

If none of this is to your fancy, but you wanna support me, I’m going to have a donate button up on my blog somewhere. Once I take a moment to wrangle the code haha

I feel kinda shitty to do all this, but I really am in a rough spot, and making art is currently my only job.

it’s been a while since we’ve seen this post

(the donate button is on my commissions page now!)

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